‘Echoes of the Past’ Collection

The inspiration for ‘Echoes of the Past’ collection comes from my interest in archaeological artefacts, in particular the state of decay in which the objects have come to us, giving them a rough textured and weathered aspect. The time they have spent buried inside the earth has given them another look and therefore another meaning. Texture and Time could also sum it up!

The pictures above were taken in the archaeological museum of Kavala, in northern Greece.

Mycenae Ring. 9ct gold, round diamond and opal.

Bague ‘Mycenienne’. Or 9 ct, diamant et opal.

‘Unearthed’ Ring. 24ct and 9ct gold, round labradorite.

Bague ‘Mycenienne’. Or 24 ct et 9 ct, labradorite.

‘Unearthed’ Necklace. 24ct gold, round diamond, oval labradorite.

Collier. Or 24 ct, diamant et labradorite.

‘Unearthed’ Ring. 24ct gold, round opal.

Bague. Or 24 ct, opale.

‘Unearthed’ Necklace. 24ct gold, round ruby, marquise opal.

Collier ‘Mycenienne’. Or 24 ct, ruby, opale.

‘Unearthed’ Necklace. 24ct gold, round rose quartz, pink opal beads.

Collier ‘Mycenienne’. Or 24 ct, quartz rose, perles en opale rose.

Mycenae Ring. Sterling silver, round amethyst and labradorite.

Bague ‘Mycenienne’. Argent, amethyste et labradorite.

‘Unearthed’ Necklace. 24ct gold, round amethyst beads.

Collier ‘Mycenienne’. Or 24ct, perles en amethyste.

Scar Ring. Sterling silver, Adjustable.

Bague ‘Scar’. Argent, Ajustable

Frost Ring. Sterling silver, chalcedony..

Bague ‘Frost’. Argent, calcedoine.

Texture Ring. Sterling silver, opal.

Bague ‘Texture’. Argent, opale.

Wedding Ring. 18ct gold, labradorite.

Bague ‘Alliance. Or 18ct, labradorite.

Tattoo Me Ring. 9ct Gold, red garnet.

Bague ‘Tatouage’ Or 9 ct, grena rouget.

Tattoo Me Ring. Sterling silver, labradorite.

Bague ‘Tatouage’. Argent, labradorite.

Lace Ring. Sterling silver, labradorite.

Bague ‘Dentelle’. Argent, labradorite.

Lace Ring. Sterling silver, adjustable.

Bague ‘Dentelle’. Argent, ajustable.

Lace Bracelet. Sterling silver.

Bracelet ‘Dentelle’. Argent.


Melt Me Ring. Sterling silver, textured.

Bague ‘Melt Me’. Argent, texture.

Textured Ring, for Men. Sterling silver.

Bague ‘Texture’, homme. Argent.

Black diamond Ring. Sterling silver, black diamond. Ajustable.

Bague ‘Diamant Noir’. Argent, Diamant noir. Ajustable.

White Moon Ring. Sterling silver. One of a kind.

Bague ‘Lune Blanche’. Argent.


Free Me Ring. Sterling silver, Pink leaf paper and silver chain. Ajustable. One of a kind..

Bague ‘Free Me’. Argent, Papier feuille rose, chaine argent. Ajustable. Unique.

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