Art Jewellery

What is Art Jewellery?

In England called ‘design jewellery’ and ‘contemporary jewellery’, in France ‘creative jewellery’ (bijoux de creation ou de createur), in Italy ‘art goldsmithing’, and in USA ‘Art jewelry’ or ‘studio jewelry’.

Vast question with no definite answer! Or to be more precise with an infinite amount of answers: as each artist/jeweller makes up her/his own definition.

For me, Art jewellery is a form of philosophy, like other categories of art from can be. However it is more specifically related to the theme of identity and identification. Due to its nature and “role”, jewellery’s primary use is to be worn, to adorn our body, and in doing so it defines us, gives us an identity for ourselves and for others to see. It can also engender questions that are intimate, directly related to who we are, how we perceive ourselves.

Jewellery is an intimate item which values (set aside its monetary value) rely on one’s personal feelings about the object, and in addition it is meant to be worn on the body, on our skin, and as such it becomes part of us, sometimes nearly as much as any other part of the body, with the difference that this is the only part of the body we can truly choose to wear or not (although some could argue otherwise).

Finding a definition for what is Jewellery and what is not is impossible due to its nature: it is individual, it is defined only by the wearer and/or the audience. However in the case of Art jewellery, there is perhaps one element that could unite it: it asks questions, to the maker, the wearer and/or to the audience. Whether one wants to take part in it is a very personal choice. Wearing and/or looking at art jewellery is a philosophical experience, as much as creating it. Though admitting this is already perhaps narrowing it down to much…

To find out more about the various ideas/theories and examples of Art jewellery, you can visit my Blog and the following site which is dedicated to Art jewellery worldwide:

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