“J’écrivais des silences, des nuits, je notais l’inexprimable. Je fixais des vertiges” Arthur Rimbaud

By cloelea, Jan 3 2018

‘In my heart’ jewellery by cloelea

The idea behind it was to find the close connections between the body and our own feelings. Jewellery as a metaphor of that ‘space’, that in-between, the link between the physical body we live in and our inner emotions, our inner self. Instead of viewing that ‘space’ as a border, a separation, I wanted to create a dialogue between them, create jewellery that “embraces” the body, that in fact turns the body inside out, like if our emotions, dreams, fear and anything that we feel inside, was sipping through our pores, so that it adds up to what we already are in the eyes of others.

“Not boundaries as divisions or clear demarcations but rather as the crossing point, the transformative space…”

‘In my heart’ jewellery by cloelea

We often try to convey emotions and feelings to others through words; but words are not enough to express them. This is because words have a clear objective definition whereas feelings are subjective and change so often. They are movements rather than static representations. They move and change as does the body.

‘In my heart’ jewellery by cloelea

Here the jewellery is the physical expression of our own feelings. Each pearl represents a dream, a thought, a fear, regret, a fond memory, a wish… They are all around us and they are part of us. The use of non-precious organic materials seemed the perfect representations of those emotions which are at the same time shapeless, like pure air, and inextricably part of the body, we literally feel these emotions within us, weighing down (butterflies in the stomach, aching heart, flushed cheeks…).

‘In my heart’ ring by cloelea
‘In my heart’ breast piece by cloelea
‘In my heart’ necklace by cloelea

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