“Elles emportèrent la beauté du monde avec elle” Auguste Rodin

By cloelea, Oct 26 2017

La Lune, Auguste Rodin
Six etudes de danseuses Cambodgiennes, Auguste Rodin
Dreams Project by Cloelea

Pearl earrings that embrace the body…

Life is made up of all the small and big dreams we have. Sometimes they are all around us, hugging us, sometimes they are queuing, waiting in a line for the right time, other times they are pressing down on us, strangling us to be born and sometimes there are crazy dreams that will never come true but we carry on dreaming anyway…

This jewellery project was first inspired by the dance performance I experienced in London: The Dreamers Ever Leave You, choreographed by Robert Binet. It had such an impact on me that I had to find a way to express it somehow in order to channel what I felt there and then (I talked about the performance in a previous post: http://cloelea.moonfruit.com/blog/4593645380/The-Dreamers-Ever-Leave-You-Robert-Binet/11232831).

The flow of movements, the assortment of gestures, the succession of dancing acts, the everlasting music that entranced both the dancers and the audience, the bodies so close to my eyes that I could see each part independently… I felt like in a haze where multitude of dreams were happening in front of me.

It reminded me of some of Auguste Rodin’s drawings of dancers. Even though he is most famous for his marble sculptures which I love, in the close-up dancing performance, I saw and understood the way Rodin depicted the movements of bodies in his watercolour drawings.

It just happens that this year is the centenary of Rodin’s death (1917-2017) and there are many events not only in Paris (in particular the exhibition at Grand Palais: Rodin, L’Exposition du Centenaire, earlier this year) but elsewhere in France and abroad (to find out more: http://rodin100.org/).

Most important is the exhibition next year: Rodin et la Dance (http://www.musee-rodin.fr/fr/exposition/exposition/rodin-et-la-danse) which will include the series of terracotta sculptures ‘Movements de danse’ and the drawings ‘Danseuses Cambodgiennes’ (I hope I will be able to see it!). He was inspired and interested in all kinds of dances: from famous dancers, folklore, regional or extra-European dances, cabaret dancers, contemporary dance and even dances from Antiquity.

My jewellery project is still a work in progress but I have included a picture of it. It will need to be seen on a body of course (but that should be a case for any jewellery anyway)! The endless succession of pearls represents the long list of dreams we have throughout life, and the choices we have to make to select and achieve the ones that count most. I think the link with dance is that each movement made leads to another one and it is important to select them carefully and to go for it with all your heart in order to create something as beautiful as a dream.

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