“Too fragile when you are close” Viktorija Domarkaite

By cloelea, Jul 11 2017

This jewellery project by Ukrainian artist Viktorija Domarkaite, which resulted in a neckpiece, a performance and a video, illustrates my last posts on the concept of jewellery as being not only intricately linked with the wearer, but also part of his/her existence. The performance involved giving “a possibility for the audience to feel the fragility and temporality of precious pure connection moment”.

“The lights were dimmed, seven girls walked in to the room full of people… From the second of stepping inside it now becomes one on one interaction. She choose a person to connect with, which started as looking in to each other’s eyes for a minute. Very slowly and softly she took his hand, gently placing it on thin gypsum heart situated on her chest. She is looking at the eyes of whom she chose until there is a pure emotional openness – a connection between them – CRACK – she promptly crushed thin gyps heart, using viewers hand under her control. With releasing, everyone could hear the sound of shattered pieces hitting the floor” (For details of the whole project: click here).

“A piece of art is physical matter that requires a viewer to become strong as well as vulnerable for understanding it. The idea can be explained in a few sentences, but to actually understand the piece, and find both my own life and yours in it, will take more than just a few lines. A viewer has to listen, read, object, recognise a lie, feel betrayal, admit failure, look for a solution and find analogy to his own life, in order to detect the countless ideas and confessions between these lines” (Viktorija Domarkaite).

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