“C’est fragile comme l’amour” Nicolas de Staël

By cloelea, Feb 20 2018 « L’art n’est que sentiment » Auguste Rodin. I don’t know if all art could be defined as such but certainly Modern arts, including art jewellery, are related to the expression of feelings and ideas of a more or less philosophical nature, about what is life, what are we, whyContinue reading ““C’est fragile comme l’amour” Nicolas de Staël”

Melt Me, by Cloelea Jewellery

By cloelea, Jan 24 2018 “Absent, ta figure se dilate au point d’emplir l’univers. Tu passes à l’état fluide qui est celui des fantômes. Présent, elle se condense ; tu atteins aux concentrations des métaux les plus lourds, de l’iridium, du mercure” (Marguerite Yourcenar ). Melt Me, handmade sterling silver rings by Cloelea Jewellery ClickContinue reading “Melt Me, by Cloelea Jewellery”

“J’écrivais des silences, des nuits, je notais l’inexprimable. Je fixais des vertiges” Arthur Rimbaud

By cloelea, Jan 3 2018 The idea behind it was to find the close connections between the body and our own feelings. Jewellery as a metaphor of that ‘space’, that in-between, the link between the physical body we live in and our inner emotions, our inner self. Instead of viewing that ‘space’ as a border,Continue reading ““J’écrivais des silences, des nuits, je notais l’inexprimable. Je fixais des vertiges” Arthur Rimbaud”

“Jewellery attracts and disturbs…” Medusa, Bijoux et Tabous

By cloelea, Nov 8 2017 “Like the face of Medusa in Greek mythology, jewellery attracts and disturbs those who design, wear or gaze upon it”. I went to see the jewellery exhibition: Medusa, Bijoux et Tabous, at the Musee d’art Moderne de Paris (http://www.mam.paris.fr/fr/expositions/exposition-medusa-0). The building in itself (it is part of the Palais de Tokyo)Continue reading ““Jewellery attracts and disturbs…” Medusa, Bijoux et Tabous”

“Elles emportèrent la beauté du monde avec elle” Auguste Rodin

By cloelea, Oct 26 2017 Pearl earrings that embrace the body… Life is made up of all the small and big dreams we have. Sometimes they are all around us, hugging us, sometimes they are queuing, waiting in a line for the right time, other times they are pressing down on us, strangling us toContinue reading ““Elles emportèrent la beauté du monde avec elle” Auguste Rodin”

The Dreamers Ever Leave You, Robert Binet

By cloelea, Oct 17 2017 “This is the kind of unique, strikingly atmospheric and emotionally charged experience that could hook you for life” Last weekend I went to see The Dreamers Ever Leave You, choreographed by Robert Binet, and shown at an unusual venue for a ballet, the Printworks, an old newspaper print factory in LondonContinue reading “The Dreamers Ever Leave You, Robert Binet”

But If the Crime Is Beautiful … Lauren Kalman

By cloelea, Oct 12 2017 The use of performance in jewellery is a subject which fascinates me, whether it is through dance, photography, video, music or a combination of these. It seems to be an essential aspect of jewellery since jewellery as an object doesn’t exist in my opinion, it would merely be a sculptureContinue reading “But If the Crime Is Beautiful … Lauren Kalman”

“Jewellery is an emotional phenomenon” Ruudt Peters

By cloelea, Oct 4 2017 Here are some thoughts collected from artist’s (working in jewellery or not) interviews which I think participate in the definition and perhaps aims of contemporary jewellery. “… because in the end, reduced to an abstract thought, what I offer to the public is my time transformed into these pieces ofContinue reading ““Jewellery is an emotional phenomenon” Ruudt Peters”