“The Skin She Wears” Naiza Khan

By cloelea, May 25 2017 The subject of the last post about the intimate relationship between the body and jewellery has made me interested in analysing the works of two artists who are not jewellers but who I like very much: the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt and the Pakistani contemporary artist: Naiza Khan. These twoContinue reading ““The Skin She Wears” Naiza Khan”

“Jewellery is an intimate art” Toni Greenbaum

By cloelea, May 17 2017  “In November 1975 I (Peter Skubic) underwent an operation and had a small steel implant inserted under the skin of my lower arm, called Schmuck unter der Haut (Jewellery under my skin), which, after seven years, was surgically removed from my arm and I kept and secured it in theContinue reading ““Jewellery is an intimate art” Toni Greenbaum”

“The myth of wearing jewellery is not real” Peter Skubic

By cloelea, May 12 2017 In his work, the Serbian conceptual artist Peter Skubic talks about whether it is essential for an item to be defined as jewellery, to be wearable and comfortable to wear and even to be visible or to exist in the long term. For some jewellery artists, wearability is not importantContinue reading ““The myth of wearing jewellery is not real” Peter Skubic”

“Contemporary jewellery is superfluous” Ted Noten

By cloelea, Feb 23 2017 “After all, what could it (contemporary jewellery) possibly contribute that other visual arts do not explore at least equally as well? Intimacy, unease, voyeurism, consolation, exuberance, silence, beauty…?” (Ted Noten). Differentiating between jewellery and art doesn’t seem a priori that important, at least in the eye of someone who justContinue reading ““Contemporary jewellery is superfluous” Ted Noten”

“Contemporary jewellery is a reflective art” Ana Campos

By cloelea, Feb 18 2017 “Even if jewels are wearable, they don’t work to adorn the body, to embellish or aestheticize it. They symbolically refer to the body or argue about the body as they argue about other issues of life and the world depending on how those may touch their sensitivity” (Ana Campos). ManyContinue reading ““Contemporary jewellery is a reflective art” Ana Campos”

“Soif d’errer à la rencontre de tout” André Breton

By cloelea, Feb 17 2017 “Thirst to wander towards encountering everything” André Breton Here are my thoughts, my journey in creating, thinking and understanding what is contemporary jewellery (conceptual jewellery, studio jewellery, author jewellery). For me it is a form of art of its own. There probably are almost as many definitions of this artContinue reading ““Soif d’errer à la rencontre de tout” André Breton”